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It is simple text about Nowruz.please read it.Thanks

Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak

Nowruz - a Quick Overview

Nowruz, the Iranian and Zoroastrian New Year's day, is celebrated on March 21st - the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. It is also the first day of the Zoroastrian Khorshidi (solar) year.

As winter gives way to spring, as darkness gives way to light, and as dormant plants burst into blossom, Nowruz is a time of renewal, hope and joy.

The theme of renewal is an important aspect of the customs surrounding Nowruz - personal renewal, a renewal of friendships and a renewal of the home(.Khaneh-Tekani.)

In the month leading up to New Year's day, homes undergo thorough spring cleaning and preparations are made to set up a Nowruz table.

The Nowruz spread has a significance to Nowruz in the way a Christmas tree has to Christmas.

The spread (often on a table) contains seven items whose names begin with "s" or "sh" - depending on the tradition being followed. Included in the spread are freshly sprouted grains as a symbol of renewal and growth.

Parents often give their children new clothes and other items (sometimes money in an envelope) as gifts.
Happy people don`t have the best of everything but they made best of everything

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